PAUL MARTIN: Photo by Ross Aitken                                                                                     IDRIS MURPHY: Photo: King Street Gallery NSW






Idris Murphy has exhibited widely since the early 1970s throughout Australia, as well as in Europe and Asia. On returning to Australia from Europe in 1980, he took the decision to devote himself exclusively to landscape painting and combines, finding in the Australian desert “the catalyst for rethinking the paradigms and canons of Western landscape traditions”, and is now undoubtedly one of Australia’s most respected and influential landscape painters. A former Head of Drawing at the National Art School in Sydney and lecturer at the College of Fine Art in the University of New South Wales, Murphy is currently working towards the exhibition My Friend The Enemy, an Australia-wide project featuring several of the country’s leading artists, which will mark the centenary of the Gallipoli landings.





Paul Martin began his studies in the late 1960s at a Birmingham School of Art dominated by Abstract Expressionism, before moving to the Royal Academy whose more traditional methods focused largely on life-drawing. Neither approach proved entirely congenial, but Paul describes those years as ones of “productive disagreement”. Renowned for his innovative painterly practice, using beeswax, resins, powders, bitumen, magnesium oxide, ash and other organic materials, Paul Martin has exhibited widely both at home and abroad, and has work in the collections of The Royal Academy, The British Museum and the BBC. Over the course of his career he has garnered many awards including The British Institution Prize for Printmaking and The Royal Academy Awards for Painting and Printmaking.







NOV 14 - JAN 25


Warburton Gallery

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Paul Martin, Artist
Idris Murphy, Artist